Money – And Why You Might Not Have Enough!

It is said that if you divide up all the money and assets in the world equally, every person on the planet would be have a million pounds each!

Which leaves you with one conclusion if you are not a Millionaire – someone has got your money 🤣

Money is a currency and currency means exchange, circulation, flow. So, to have more currency (money) your money must flow faster.

When you give money to a bank they don’t sit there and stroke your money! Your money is put into circulation, into flow.  They DO something with it.

But here’s the thing.  Before your money can flow, you must discover a way to generate more money (currency) in the first place.

The government of the UK needs currency to flow for the economy to flourish. This is achieved by the buying and selling of goods and services.

To have more currency and flow yourself you need to be on the selling side (the creator) of that equation more than you are on the buying side (a consumer).

Basically, you have to create more value than you consume.

And if you are a little scared about making the transition from employee to running your own business, the UK government provides a safe vehicle to encourage you to go from consumer to creator. It’s called a limited company. This is a huge benefit as it means you can have a go with less risk. If it all goes wrong, (hopefully not), you are not personally liable and will live to fight another day.

So, how do you make this change from consumer to creator, from employee to business owner? Or from small start up to established, growing business?

The answer might surprise you.

The answer is LOVE.

You need to love what you do, the people you do it WITH and the people you do it FOR.

When we fall in love with what we do we become passionate. This energy becomes a driving force that propels us to be more creative and infuses us with a sense of belief.

We become enthusiastic and that is transmitted into our work and our business comes to life. If we stay passionate, we will put our heart and soul into creating a valuable service or product that helps others to solve a problem they care about.

Once you do that, you become attractive in every sense of the word and like a magnet attract other like minded souls.  Suppliers who want to be part of your energy,  customers or clients who will buy from you, and also colleagues to work with and for you as you build a team.

Money is attracted to you because you are valuable to society and because you are now resonating at a higher frequency (the vibration of love and gratitude).

When you live in fear, doubt or uncertainty, you become unclear, confused and lose your passion. This lowers your frequency (current) and you consume more things to solve your problems or distract yourself from them.

We all have problems but here’s a mantra that’s served me well and taken me from a lonely drug addict to devoted husband, father of six, Sunday Times best-selling author and multi-million pound business owner….

“Make your goals so BIG they make your problems seem insignificant by comparison”

Everyone has the power to love, the power to heal and The Power To Achieve.

To find your passion and create or grow your business and of course make more money you would be wise to check this out.


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    Beautiful! a very inspiring post. Thanks Andy. I am your no 1 fan

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