Andy Harrington

After working in a call centre making and around £1,500 a month at the age of 29, Andy decided enough was enough and borrowed £10,000 from the bank to start his own business, which has now pulled in more than £50,000,000 in revenue.

Andy has a passion in raising people’s earnings and breaking them out of a limited mindset so they can realise their potential. He has helped thousands of people globally break though these restrictions and improve their quality of life.

Inspiring Speech

Remember, it’s only your mind that’s limiting your potential. Attending at least one of these events will truly inspire you to change your life.

Each of these events is tailored to help you remove any limitations you’re at a stalemate with. Andy provides his valuable knowledge and information to help you succeed so you can begin to live a constantly improving life.

Give yourself the best chance of becoming a success and join us in changing your life for the better.

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