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Andy has created a number of programs to take anybody from beginner to world-class public speaker.

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  • “Before meeting Andy Harrington I couldn’t even hold a microphone, now I’ve been invited to speak all over the world”
    Mili Ponce
    Social Media Expert
  • “Andy Harrington is quite simply the master of communication he teaches not only what to say but how to say it as well”
    Chris Farrell
  • “Andy Harrington is one of the best in the world at helping you to make a full on career speaking from the stage”
    Rob Moore
  • “Since joining Andy's Professional Speakers Academy I have made an additional £83,000 from speaking alone”
    Pete Bennett
    Social Media Expert
  • “After spending just one hour with Andy I had people going crazy and running to the back of the room for my products and services”
    James Lavers
  • “Applying the speaking tactics Andy has shared with me has helped me to make over £250,000 this year from speaking”
    Nick James
  • “Applying what I learnt from Andy I managed to pull in £468,000 from just one presentation”
    Simon Coulson
  • “By applying Andy’s speaker tactics and advice I have earned an additional £832,000 from the stage this year alone”
    Dan Bradbury
  • “Since joining Andy Harrington’s Professional Speakers Academy I’ve made an additional £200,000 from speaking”
    Lee Sandford
  • “I have managed to fill up all my workshops and events and make great sales by applying the tactics I have learnt from Andy”
    Tom Breeze

About Andy Harrington

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Andy coaches the world's very best speakers and trains others to do the same. His company started with a £10,000 loan in 1998 has gone on to pull in more than 52 million pounds in sales.

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