When presenting, changing your voice over a period of time is important, here’s why…

The thing about public speaking is… that thing you’re speaking about, is just one of the key factors to consider when giving a great presentation. To put it simply, there’s a lot more to this shit! Newbie speakers kid themselves into thinking it’s only the content that counts but you have a long way to go if you’re still under that impression. Your presentation is a tree made up of several branches with one in particular being, tonality.

Now, you might be asking, what the heck makes the sound of my voice so important Andy? Hold your horses! We’re about to get right into that. Your voice tonality, shifts and changes, changes the state of your audience. That’s right, you have the ability to influence the way your audience feels and receives your content simply by the way you speak. Need your audience to relax and loosen up? Bring on your lover voice! Need them to feel the pain or passion you’re trying to transcend over to them? Throw on your warrior voice! But what the fuck is this lover, warrior voice jargon you speak of Andy!

Alright, let’s take things back a bit…

When figuring out your tone, it’s important to consider modulations in your speed and volume. I understand, it could get pretty confusing knowing when to speed up, slow down, pitch, or add volume. So, to simplify things, I like to separate my tonality into three different voice qualities. Meet the Sage, Warrior & Lover voice aka, my charisma pattern.

I like to refer to the Sage voice as the medium wave voice because it’s executed at a medium volume, medium pace, with medium modulation. Everything is rhythmic, spoken with clarity in the voice. Your volume, speed and tone should all be within the medium range. At this stage, your concentration needs to be placed on pronouncing every single word, speaking crystal clear with a crisp sounding voice. You could almost call it hypnotic.

The second voice quality is what I call the Warrior voice. Your warrior voice is fast! LOUD! Sharp and pun-chy! You speak with passion and conviction causing your audience to be attentive and switched on. It differs from the sage voice quality in the way that it carries a short, bouncy wave. Your voice should be slightly louder in volume and faster in pace. In other words, aim to be punchy in your voice rate and rhythm. The content has to be delivered in a direct, straightforward manner, getting right to the point! I find that taking short and sharp breaths in between each word goes a long way so you could give that a try too.

Ok! So, now that you’re familiar with the medium and short waves, I can talk you through the last but not least that is, the Lover voice! The long wave voice delivered at a lower range. This is where you get to slow things down a little. Adopting a quieter, more relaxing tone. Avoid being hasty with this one, it’s all about taking your time, with really… long… breathy… pauses. You will notice your audience transition into a calm, attentive state, soaking in each and every word you speak.

The Sage, Warrior and Lover voice together form my Charisma pattern. It is the heartbeat of your speech. Just refer to the above illustration which I created to give you a visual idea of the pace your voice wave should ‘look’ like.

When following a particular voice pattern, remember that your language and the way you deliver that language changes the state of your audience. Take on the tone of whichever personality you believe is best suited to you and the state you’re trying to achieve. Switch between either pattern based on what you are saying and how much emphasis you are trying to make on your audience. It’s a breeze once you get the hang of it. Tell me how you get on by connecting with me on social media. I’ll love to know your favourite voice pattern and how it took your presentation up a notch!

As always, let’s connect on social media and feel free to let me know your favourite voice quality and how they took your presentation up a notch.

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