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What can we learn from Jackanory?

In today’s online world it is also now becoming increasingly vital for websites to incorporate video. Consider how much more trust, credibility and authority can be established by a well-put together video verses a static website with just words and a few pictures.

One of the important changes in the way businesses are selling to people online is the idea to educate the customer first and build a relationship before going for the sale. In doing so it gives the customer more certainty that the business is an expert in their industry.

By capturing the customer’s details first and sending great educational material it can afford the opportunity to build a long-term relationship.  For many this approach makes the initial cost of marketing less scary, as it’s not a one shot deal.

Clearly in producing this video someone has to present to camera and this is where great presentation skills come in handy as it only takes a few moments for the viewer to get switched off by a boring presentation, no matter how much of an expert the speaker might be.

So what can be done to keep the audience engaged?

Voice Variation

Without doubt those that speak in a flat unchanging or monotone voice are those that bore people and send them to sleep.

When I was a child I loved watching a TV show called Jackanory. In the show an actor would read a story in such a way as to bring it to life. I can still remember making up pictures in my mind and being drawn into the text.

The best speakers are also the best storytellers so a lot can be learned from the Jackanory show.

The pace of the voice can be controlled from fast pace and punchy, to slow with pauses. The volume of the voice can also change from louder to softer. These changes can even take place in just one sentence.

Essentially great speakers have the ability to take their audience in and out of different states, on a emotional journey if you will. People will be more likely to remember your message, and take action on it if they are moved by it.