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Visual Aids

How many times have you been to a presentation where the presenter is literally confused by her own visual?  They look up at the screen and they say, “Well what you have here is, well, gee, I’m not sure, well what I meant is…” – what is that presenter doing?  They are essentially saying that they haven’t taken the time to simplify and become familiar with their own visuals and now they expect you to look at it and understand it.

The point is to keep your visuals simple in design.  You don’t want an unsolved mystery up on the screen.  Make sure that it is very clear and keep in mind that people read from top to bottom and left to right.  Design your visuals to be read that way.

Make those visuals easy to understand.  Your talk doesn’t need to be simple, but the visuals you use to cue your audience to hear what you’re saying do.