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Time to return home

Let’s face it, was there a time in your life when you felt more free and abundant than you do now? For most of us, that was early on in life when we were a kid, before we had our childhood conditioned out of us.

I have five children of my own; Alfie, Amelia, Gemma, Tom and Josh. Have you ever thought about what kids of this age are like? Are they spontaneous? Are they loving and warm towards strangers? Are they natural communicators? Are they learning sponges? Is their primary focus to have fun? Are they OK being emotional anytime, anyplace? – “this is who I am and I’m going to honour my emotions no matter who’s looking” Do they wake up in the morning, at about 6am, with bundles of energy with a big happy smile on their face?

Here’s someone you know, that is very childlike and very successful because of it, Richard Branson. Is he playful? Does he like having fun? Is he warm and friendly even towards strangers? Does he take risks? Does he dare to dream? Are his businesses constantly growing and expanding? Is he OK with making fun of himself? Is he spontaneous? You bet he is just take a look at the name of his brand, Virgin it tells you everything about him.

What happened to us? For that child like state is our natural state. Think about it, how much attention does a child of 5, 6 and 7 give to what happened 3-4 weeks ago? How much attention do they give to what might happen in 3-4 weeks time? Not a whole lot is it? So where does a child of that age range live then? That’s right the present moment, right now is where they live.

Time to Return Home

What about most adults? Where do they live? Some get stuck in the past; some constantly hang out in the future. But the one place most adults don’t live consistently is right now, the present moment. How come? How can it be that we were once fully in the moment, fully associated living in our essence, living in our heart, our soul and yet somehow someway we moved home? And now we live away from home in our heads.

For me the answer is simple, in the stillness of the moment of NOW is often a message, the message is often a painful one, one that requires us to take some action, one we are afraid to take. So what we do is keep ourselves busy or live in the dimension of distraction by drinking, smoking, drugs, overeating, gossiping, watching TV, over working, or enrolling ourselves in drama after drama.

Your head is probably very well formed by now, yet your heart and soul has been covered over for many years. It’s time to drill down through the layers and polish up your diamond; it’s time to start our journey and return home.