Storytelling Secrets Live

Storytelling Secrets reveals how to design and deliver stories like a world-class professional speaker. Every great presenter knows, “Facts tell – stories sell” and the first story you need to get right is your personal and/or company brand story.


Depending on how you tell your story can make or break your business. If it’s bland and mundane, no one’s going to listen or purchase your product/service no matter how good it is. What you’ll learn here is how you can construct your story so it immediately turns heads and people are interested from the get-go through a refined storytelling system designed by Andy and passed onto other business owners.

You’ll be introduced to The Tri-Summit Storytelling System, so you know how to build your stories around 3 very important acts. Without this, your story just won’t flow but with it your story will have your audience spellbound.

This audio-visual product gives you the exact pinpoint strategy step-by-step, to build stories that really connect with your audience. Each strategy and tactic is then demonstrated by showing you live footage of Andy Harrington on stage or one of his protégé’s that have gone on to become world-class in their own right.


£497 + VAT