Breakthrough to the Life You Deserve


Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve is a 12-part audio programme transforms your beliefs about what’s possible in every area of your life, and helps you go out to achieve it.

Over time your limiting self beliefs will be replaced with a new approach. Your old negative self-talk will be worn away and new positive thoughts installed.
By the end you will have rearranged your beliefs about who you are and the life that you deserve, releasing your blockages, and setting you on the path to real and unstoppable action.
It’s timeless advice, whether you are 18 or 80.
And everything in the series is designed to free what you already have within you. This isn’t brainwashing. This is brain unlocking!

The Series Covers:


  • CD 1 – The Psychology of Success
  • CD 2 – The Formula for Success
  • CD 3 – The Power to Win
  • CD 4 – Believing is Seeing
  • CD 5 – Why You Do What You Do
  • CD 6 – Awaken the Hero Within
  • CD 7 – Speak and Grow Rich
  • CD 8 – The Tools of Transformation
  • CD 9 – Neuro-Financial-Conditioning
  • CD 10 – Discover Your Pattern
  • CD 11 – The Re-Patterning Process
  • CD 12 – Go For It!

Complete one CD a week, and in 3 months your life could be transformed beyond all recognition.

Contains 600 minutes of content in top quality audio.

Just access the series online and listen on your computer or iPad whenever you want. Or download the MP3 audio files to play in the car so you use every minute you can to bed in this new mindset.

You Will Learn:

  • How your mind controls your thoughts, worlds and actions
  • The psychology of decision making – and the twin forces that govern every choice you make
  • How your brain tricks you into not changing – spot the signs and you won’t be fooled so easily again
  • The specific mindset of a millionaire
  • How to become instantly ‘lucky’ by learning to spot all those opportunities that are currently passing you by
  • The difference between successful and unsuccessful people, and how they think
  • How to rediscover your natural creativity
  • Attracting wealth, love and happiness in abundance
  • How to organize your resources to prepare for an amazing life
  • Step-by-step guide to YOUR personal psychology – your trigger points, your hot spots, your danger zones, and how to manage them
  • Your toolkit – the essentials you MUST have if you want to make lasting change
  • Your daily Breakthrough blueprint – the key to a lifetime of change, one day at a time

This is the opportunity right here – don’t let it pass you by…

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