Life Won’t Give You More Until…

A boy woke up on Christmas day and he was excited.

He couldn’t contain his excitement any longer and he ran downstairs to where the presents were sitting under the tree. He shouldn’t have done it, but he was so excited that he began to carefully open the first present without tearing the wrapping paper…

And he was shocked.

“This is the same present they got me last year! They must have made a mistake…”

He continued to unwrap…

“Hey this is ALSO the same gift they got me last year!”

Third one – “Hey” – fourth one – “Hey” – fifth one – “Hey!”

Finally he couldn’t contain himself any longer, he ran upstairs to where his Mum was and said;

“I’m really sorry Mum, I shouldn’t have done it… but why did you do what you did? It’s like you took last years gifts, wrapped them up again, and then gave them to me all over again! Why?”

She looked at him and said;

“Because you haven’t used them yet.
Use your gifts this year and you’ll get more next year.
Share your gifts this year and you’ll get double next year.”


Are you going to share your gifts?

I believe that life wont give you more until you do something with what you already have – Andy Harrington

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