0 Public Speaking


What do you do with your arms, your hands or your feet and the rest of you body?  Typically people put their hands in their pockets.  We often see the fig leaf position, or the ‘phone booth’, in which presenters hug themselves with both arms.

First you must have a natural resting place for your hands, which is best if loosely held between the navel and the chest.

It is important first to practice not using the hands at all so you disconnect your mouth from your hands. Then when yiu do introduce the hands you can make sure they are under control and add to the message rather than distract from it.

Here are a few suggestions:

a)    The Warrior is a gesture where the index finger is held aloft like a sword it helps to rally your audience to action and raises the energy

b)    The Lover is an open armed palm showing gesture which says you are open honest and trustworthy and have nothing to hide

c)    The Sage is a hand on chin arm across body pose that says you are an authority

In addition use your hands to mark out your words with your hands. If you are speaking about a big opportunity, show them how big that opportunity is.  If you are speaking about an increase, show them a gesture that reflects this.

Use emphatic gestures and use gestures to describe things. Then when you are not using your hands simply allow them to drop naturally back into the neutral position discussed earlier.