3 Public Speaking

A Skill Worth Developing

In today’s technologically advanced world there is one skill that remains steadfastly essential to those who wish to become successful.

“The skill of public speaking is as important today as it’s ever been”

Whether your are a CEO of a multi-national making a keynote address, a middle manager taking a team meeting or an entrepreneur speaking through online video and dominating you tube, you’ll need the talent to be able to have impact, influence and inspire in order to increase your income.

But here’s the problem, arguably for many people there is no other activity that causes more anxiety and panic. Indeed the fear of public speaking is considered the number 1 fear in the UK and USA even higher than the fear of dying. Which poses an interesting situation for the person reading out a eulogy at a funeral, they would rather be in the box!

What panic’s most people is knowing what to say, and what bores most audiences is how the speaker goes about saying it!

Choosing what to say will largely depend on your purpose for the talk typically a talk will fall into four broad categories

  1. To Teach
  2. To Inspire
  3. To Sell
  4. To Lead

The benefits of becoming a great speaker are vast. The most influential people in the world are those that can move larger groups to action. Think Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King.

Business leaders today are more than ever expected to be the spokesperson for their organisation and lead from the front rather than from their ivory tower.

Sales people today are also benefitting from having great presentation skills. The ability to influence larger groups of people just makes sense for anyone who makes money from convincing others.

If you can speak to more than one person you are halving the time it takes to make that sale, so just imagine the results when you speak 1 to 100 or 1 to 9000 as I have been fortunate to do on more than one occasion.