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10 Tips for Turning PASSION into PROFIT

Life as an employee can be a frustrating, dissatisfying and ultimately an unprofitable task.

While knowledge and skills may or may not be appreciated and valued by bosses, you can use your unique experience and know-how to earn money by becoming a go-to expert for millions.

1. Position yourself as a “go to” expert authority by choosing a subject matter you are passionate about and have made distinctions others have not made. Choose a subject where people are searching for “how to” answers because they have problems within this area of life or business.

2. Prove your credibility with a personal story that reveals why you are passionate about the subject and that you understand the challenges and frustrations being experienced by the people who will soon become you’re a new member of your tribe

3. Produce world-class content to serve and sell to your tribe. You’ll need free content to attract people in the form of written blogs, podcasts or videos. You’ll also your more advanced “how to” content to be packaged into products and programs for people to buy.

4. Promote yourself and your services by building your online profile and attract people to your website where you offer some free content to begin the relationship. Later you can invite people to buy products and services from you.

5. Learn to perform like a professional so you have genuine presence when you deliver content or offer advice on a stage, on video, webinar or interview.


6. Your success as an expert will largely be determined by your ability to convince and persuade people to change. So you’ll need to learn to pitch people your ideas, strategies and proposals.

7. Be yourself, be authentic and share not just what you know but also what you believe. Not everyone will agree with you but that’s just fine. As Eminem said “If you have enemies, good for you, it means you stood for something”

8. Build a high-performing team around you. Far too many entrepreneurs fail to hire and try to do it all themselves. Take a look at everything you do and ask are you uniquely qualified to do this task; does it have to be you? Could someone else do it instead and free you up for more important tasks.

9. Be unique. It’s tempting to copy others work but instead get creative and design your own methodology, your own unique branded system that will become your own intellectual property which you can leverage through products, programmes, books, workshops or even licencing deals to grow the business.

10. Finally, power-up your personality and aim to become a real authority on your subject, which means challenging current thinking of people and other experts in your niche. You might ruffle a few feathers but that’s vital if you are going to be seen as an expert.

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